Advice & rules

Some advices & rules for your comfort & safety and also regulation. 


Pay attention to your objects in your pocket :  GSM, keys and wallet.

The journey is going through  natural and green surroundings, try to respect them.

As you are going to pedal, you have to put on right shoes .

When  it is wet the wheels of the railbike may throw something dirty. Pay attention to the grease of the chain (do not wear wide pants)

The course of the railbike is a family relaxation, try to keep a sufficient distance between the railbikes  and you not allowed to crash the other railbikes . You have to seat during the whole course to avoid any accident.

There is no limit of age, from 7 years  old the children may pedal.  On one railbike 4 person may seat and it is not allowed to embark any extra people.

In case of storm you have to get away of the track.

You may bring your bread and your drink with you and consume them during the break but it is forbidden alcoholic drink  to take on the railbikes.

A penalty  of the value of the ticket will be applied to the person which did not respect the return timetable.

It is very important to hold the ticket to the end of the journey, when you meet a difficulty our tel.n° is :  082/699079.

The customer is responsible and should respect the above rules and any degradation of the railbike will be invoiced to the customer.